Say hello to EDIT

a ready to use road legal

Self-driving vehicle

customizable in white label

extremely modular & open

1/2 time to go to market

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Self-Driving for everyone

EDIT by Open Motors™ features the latest technology available for Self-Driving.


EDIT by Open Motors™ it’s a BYOSDCACH
Bring your own self-driving code
and custom hardware (lidars, sensors, CPUs,etc…)

Vehicle as a Service

EDIT by Open Motors™:

  1. Designed & engineered for services
  2. Extreme Modularity that allows replaceability
  3. Upgradability of self-driving & connected car hardware stack
  4. Fleets can last more 10X more

Team focus

EDIT by Open Motors™ is developed with engineers focused on:

  1. IoT, Telematics and Cloud Services
  2. V2V Vehicle to vehicle / V2X vehicle to everything
  3. Self-Driving / Autonomous Driving
  4. XbW Everything by Wire & DbW Drive by Wire